The "COMO" Jetset Bag in Crocodile

The "COMO" Jetset Bag in Crocodile

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The COMO Jetset Travel Bag is the perfect getaway bag for a long weekend or for a fun road trip.  Or simply just to have have around and become part of the interior design of your living room. It's quite a statement and made for real travel and hard-core daily use, with 30l of space inside.

The exquisite bag is made of the finest crocodile leather, lined inside in cashmere and has a large zip pocket (22 x 30 cm).  Bag measurements are 50 x 42 x 28 cm = 19.5 x 16.5 x 11 inches.

A special insert in black crocodile with orange edges, can be ordered also for an extra $9875.  The Insert, developed exclusively by Matteo Perin to hold pens, passport, business cards, small hard drives, etc - as well as two thick fountain pens or Sharpies.
The insert is removable, and you can get one or more specially designed to fit your needs (for makeup, hairdresser tools, electronics, pens, pipes, etc). The bag will fit up to 3 inserts; and the inserts can be used in other bags too. 

The COMO Jetset Bag in crocodile is handmade in Italy by top artisans who have been making leather goods for generations.  Other colors of exotic leathers are also available. 

You can use The COMO Jetset Bag as a traditional weekender bag, or as an extremely spacious document bag for books, MacBook, hard drives, scarf, headphones, gloves, documents and all the stuff you want to have handy in your carry-on.


Size and weight:
30 liter, carry-on size.
4.3 pounds (2.2 kg) without content. 
2.4 pounds (1,2 kg) insert. 

28 cm deep, 50 cm long and 42 cm high (without handles).
11" deep, 19.8" long and 16.5" high (without handles).
Inside zip pocket: 22 x 30 cm (8.6 x 11.8")

Five metal feet under the bag.

Personalized editions:
For other versions, contact